Welcome! WHO AM I?

My name is Natalia Pasternak and I have been living in Norway for many years. My passion is foreign languages: English, Norwegian, Spanish, French.

I have finished my studies in Norway at Stavanger University, I received philologist title and teacher qualifications. I work as interpreter and teacher in Stavanger.


  • When it comes to learning Norwegian, I run individual lessons through Skype as well as classes in small groups of 4-6 people in Stavanger. I teach at all levels.
  • I adapt the lessons individually to each person. I provide language training that is tailored to the expectations and goals of each student.
  • Because I have learned 6 languages myself, I know how to work with a student and which methods are the best.
  • I am against studies where you have to learn by heart number of words and fixed rules. For me the most important is contact with the language, talking, conversations, reading the papers, watching TV.
  • Lessons with me are intense, students are often tired, but they quickly see the results. I have been working as a teacher in Norway for 4 years. I have my own business, but I am also employed at Smart Study company. I work there as a teacher at Kompetanse Pluss program. 
  • The course is dedicated to people who work in Norway, but need to rise their language qualifications. I teach students mostly from Central Europe, so I know exactly what difficulties they have, what are the differences between their native tongues and Norwegian, in terms of lexicology and grammar. It gives me abilities to prepare the lessons in a very efficient manner. To get more informations about classes, individual and in groups, click into „Norwegian lessons” section.


Besides of teaching, I work as interpreter at Semantix AS office in Stavanger. I have experience in many various areas:

  • health care (hospitals, urgent cares, doctor notice, different kinds of certifications, rest-homes, helsestasjon etc.),
  • NAV and all issues related to it, police, permissions to stay, schools and kindergartens, Barnevern.

In addition to that I offer translation and help with various legal documents and errands in Norway, for example:

  • social benefits for unemployed,
  • social benefits for families, sure start maternity grant,
  • sickness benefit, rehabilitation benefit etc.