I invite you all to Norwegian lessons on different levels.

I am philologist, I studied 7 foreign languages, and I know how to motivate students to learn. I am also highly against an old model of teaching – no creativity, just tiresome forms. 

Language is vivid, so lessons should be full of passion and influence pupils to discover languages on their own. Studying a language is also very demanding, so students need to come across their own fears and open themselves for the world. Majority of my students are people who have certifications but still cannot (or are even afraid) to speak.

Conversations are key in learning a foreign language. From the first class we are going to create easy sentences or phrases. You cannot be afraid of mistakes, without mistakes we cannot improve ourselves. Classes with me are demanding, because I “force” my students to talk and be active. At the beginning it is very hard, but results are quickly noticeable.

The language is alive, and learning should be exciting and make the student curious about what will happen next.

I invite you for the first, free lesson, where I present my techniques.

You will notice the effects of learning very quickly!

  • Norwegian lessons all levels.
  • Preparations for the exams (Norskprøve, Bergenstest).
  • Preparations for a job interview.
  • Technical vocabulary – health care, education, gastronomy, architecture and more.
  • Communication at work place.
  • Conversations.
  • Vocabulary connected with hobbies.
  • Everyday conversations – at the doctor, at a shop, at NAV.
  • Release from the fear of using foreign language.

I also invite you to online courses in 2/3 of the person.
Individual records.

  • An hour via Skype 290 NOK / 45 minutes

  • In case of bigger group, the price is individually decided
  • Group course, 120 NOK, 45 minutes (if you buy whole course).
  • You can check your level for free.

I encourage to take part in first, free lesson with no strings attached, after that you can decide whether or not continue studying with me.