Terms and conditions – discover Norwegian verbs

The Terms and Conditions define the rules for providing services by PRIVATUNDERVISNING NATALIA PASTERNAK, based in Norway with the organization number 917 970 211, offering access to the „Learn Norwegian Verbs” application available at verb.speaknorwegian.eu.

Services provided:

  1. The Service Provider provides access to the verb.speaknorwegian.eu application.
  2. To use the service, you must place an order and pay for it using the available payment methods. The service is performed after payment is made.
  3. The service is available on a subscription basis – you purchase access for a specified period, and in the absence of resignation, the service is automatically renewed for the next period, and the payment is automatically collected, if possible.
  4. The service is available and can be used by one natural person – the Participant. The Participant is the only person who can use the granted access to the Service.

Conclusion and withdrawal from the contract:

  1. The contract is concluded when the service is ordered on the website by pressing the order button.
  2. The consumer, being aware that the services are provided immediately after ordering, agrees to start their performance before the expiration of the statutory period for withdrawing from the contract concluded electronically (angrerettloven § 19). The consumer is aware that they are ordering an electronic service and thus, after making the payment and obtaining the access link, loses the right to withdraw from the contract for the period for which they have already made the payment or the period they have already ordered (angrerettloven § 22 n.).
  3. The service recipient who is not a consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract after its conclusion.
  4. Withdrawal from the contract for subsequent periods not yet paid for/not ordered (cancellation of subscription) is possible through one of the methods:
    1. Clicking on the link to the portal (available in every subscription confirmation email) -> logging in via email address -> clicking cancel subscription and confirming it. In the case of this method, subscription cancellation is immediate.
    2. Logging into the application that is the subject of the contract -> clicking the „payments” section -> clicking cancel subscription. In the case of this method, subscription cancellation is immediate.
    3. Informing us by email about canceling the subscription at: norwegianeasily@gmail.com. In the case of this method, a 7-day notice/cancellation period of subscription applies from the moment of receiving the termination email from the correct email address or with information allowing the subscription to be identified.

Model withdrawal form (angrerettskjema)

I [name and surname] withdraw from the contract concluded on [date and time of placing the order] for the service [name of the service]. The contract was concluded electronically with the following data [identifying data entered in the form: email address, phone number, kvitteringu number, not all need to be provided].

The withdrawal should be sent to: norwegianeasily@gmail.com

The withdrawal should be sent only if there are statutory grounds specified in angrerettloven.

Complaint procedure 

  1. Complaints should be reported to norwegianeasily@gmail.com
  2. Complaints will be considered within 14 days of their reporting. In the case of more complex matters – the complaint consideration time may be extended.
  3. Response to the complaint is sent only electronically.

Data processing

  1. We inform that the data provided to us are processed by PRIVATUNDERVISNING NATALIA PASTERNAK.
  2. The data we process are: data necessary to place an order, i.e., exclusively email address. Additional data stored by the Service Provider are data for a potential invoice: name and surname/company name, organizational number, address, and contact details, including telephone number. The data are stored indefinitely to enable logging in to the service and for accounting reasons. These data are stored electronically for at least the statutory period for maintaining accounting records according to Norwegian legislation. Data that are not legally required can be deleted at the request of the service recipient at any time. Deleting the email address results in losing access to the service.

Final provisions

  1. The services are provided in Norway, and Norwegian law applies.
  2. The competent court for settling disputes is the court appropriate for PRIVATUNDERVISNING NATALIA PASTERNAK.