Norwegian tenses - webinar

Present, past and future in Norwegian - 4 June at 7 pm

  • Do you want to talk about the past without doubting whether to use the preteritum or the perfektum tense?
  • Want to know how to talk about plans and dreams for the future?
  • Wondering what this backwards tense is and when it can actually be used?

If so - great! This webinar is just for you!

Who is this webinar for?

  • For beginners - who want to learn about Norwegian tenses and their construction.
  • For intermediate - who want to learn valuable tips on the differences between tenses and characteristic verb phrases that help to express what we mean more easily.
  • For advanced learners - who want to deepen their knowledge of Norwegian tenses and learn more advanced rules (e.g. past tense).

What will you learn at the webinar?

  • How to create and use the present tense:. to describe regular activities, recurring events and what is happening here and now.
  • Preteritum and perfektum: how we create them, use them and how they differ.
  • Use of tenses in everyday life: In which situations, what tense, is the most natural in the conversation.
  • How to talk about the past:. Using a variety of grammatical constructions, including the pluperfect tense.
  • Characteristic tense expressions used in different tenses: . e.g.i, siden, i det siste, for..siden
  • How to construct sentences that tell the story of the future: both dependent and independent.

Do you know which sentence is correct?

Jeg har vært gift i 5 måneder nå. vs. Jeg er gift i 5 måneder nå.

For to år siden bodde jeg i Ålesund. vs. For to år siden har jeg bodd i Ålesund.

If you have doubts, then our webinar is for you!

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Package details


Access to the webinar (duration approximately 1.5h to 2h). If you can't attend live - no worries! Each participant gets access to the recording for a period of 3 months - watch whenever you want.


Test yourself in practice. You get access to the webinar, as well as 10 interactive tasks (translations, tenses, verb conjugations and more). See how much you have memorised - you can always go back to the webinar if necessary. ATTENTION: If a task seems unclear to you and you don't find the answer in the webinar - write to us! We are here for you, we will dispel your linguistic doubts :)


Webinar + package of 20 exercises + written work with our feedback + written work level assessment. If you are motivated and want to put your theoretical knowledge into practice right away, this option is for you. In addition to access to the webinar, you will receive a package of up to 20 interactive tasks and the opportunity to write a written paper in which you can practice tenses (we send you 8 topics to choose from, paper length: up to 350 words, level: A1 to C1) and get personalised feedback and a written level assessment! Take your tenses to the next level.

Join us for a webinar!

Start 4 June at 19:00 (GMT + 01:00)

Tenses in Norwegian - we need them to tell the story of what was, is and will be. So let's talk about it without stress or doubt.

Our webinar is a practical guide to Norwegian tenses - you will learn how to form tenses and when to use them in Norwegian. In addition to the popular tenses presens, preteritum and perfektum, we will also discuss the past tense (preteritum perfektum), as well as other constructions that express, for example, plans we had but did not manage to realise.

We will also learn to talk about the future, both the one we have influence over (our plans and resolutions) and the one beyond our control. Choose your package and join us!

Who will host the webinar?

Meet Veronica!

Hei og hopp!

I am a Norwegian language teacher. I have had the pleasure of teaching Norwegian at every level from A1 to C1. I have worked for several language schools and taught at a university. Languages are my passion - both learning them and teaching them! In my spare time I explore my other love, French, and travel a lot. Let me take you on an amazing journey in Norwegian with me.


I have a master's degree in Scandinavian Studies. I became a teacher in 2015. I have also studied in Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


I am passionate about languages and Scandinavia. I speak English, French, German, Icelandic and, of course, Norwegian.

Do you have any further questions?

Write: or see the most popular questions section below. We may have already answered them :)

The webinar will take place online on 4 June 2024 at 7 pm.

Yes, the price of the webinar depends on the package you choose. We have prepared three different packages for you:


Yes, you will need the ZOOM app to participate in our webinar. To be fully prepared, we recommend downloading and installing ZOOM before the webinar. You can download the app by visiting the official ZOOM website at:

Our webinar is open to everyone. We will be discussing Norwegian tenses from the basics. Anyone who wants to get started with Norwegian is is welcome on-board.

The webinar will last approximately 90 minutes.

Yes, after the meeting, all participants will get access to a Google disc where the material and the recording of the webinar will appear!

No, this is not necessary. During our webinar your camera and microphone can remain switched off.  There will be time for discussion and questions at the end of the webinar, during which you can switch on your microphone.

To register for our webinar, simply click the button just below these questions and buy yourself an entrance fee. The number of places is limited.

Yes, you can ask questions in the chat room at any time.

To join our webinar, you only need a few basic things: a computer or phone and the ZOOM app installed. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and that the ZOOM app is ready to use before the webinar starts.


Sign up for the webinar!

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